Meet the Midwives

Holly Steiner, New Life Midwife

Holly Steiner RN, CDM is the founder of New Life Midwifery.  With over twenty years of professional experience with birth, Holly is excited to serve the families in South Central Alaska.  Holly has had a love for babies since she was young and knew by high school that she wanted to “catch” babies.  She began working in the perinatal field even as young as 16, volunteering in the newborn nursery.  In 1995, she graduated from Hardin Simmons University with a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Nursing.  She worked as an RN in L&D for 4 years.  In 2001, she became licensed as a Certified Direct Entry Midwife and worked for a busy practice, gaining lots of midwifery experience.  In 2004, New Life Midwifery was born out of her desire to provide women with more personalized care, allowing women to develop a relationship with their midwives and know who would be at their birth.

Holly has a super supportive husband, Paul, and five children, four of whom were born at home.  Her first baby, Isaac (17) was born in a hospital naturally, using the Bradley Method.  Claire (15) was next and the first homebirth, which revolutionized birth for Holly.  Silas (13) came third, and was her first waterbirth, which lasted 2 hours from start to finish!  Ahna (11) was a wonderful, almost pain-free waterbirth.  And finally, Samuel (7) finished off her birthing experiences with another amazing waterbirth.  To answer your question:  Yes, she did have a midwife at each of her homebirths!  She did not do it by herself!

Holly's dream is for all women to know how wonderful and safe it is to give birth outside of the constrains of the hospital/medical system. She has always had a love for new moms and babies and desires to serve them and provide the best prenatal, labor & delivery, newborn and postpartum care in a gentle, safe environment.  She also carries a burning desire to bring change to our national health care system, as it pertains to childbirth practices.

Kinsey Ward, New Life MidwifeKinsey Ward, CDM
has been with New Life Midwifery since it’s conception.  Starting out as Holly’s apprentice, she became licensed as a certified direct entry midwife in April 2009.  During her last year as an apprentice, she had the opportunity to work with many other midwives in the area, as well, and loved the diversity that was offered.  But, as she puts it, “My heart was to work closely with Holly and New Life Midwifery.  I love the one-on-one care and personal commitment that is shown in this practice, and I look forward to serving the women of this area with the same gift and love of midwifery care that was shown to me during my last pregnancy”.

She has 3 amazing kids.  Kinsey had the experience of having a teen pregnancy, thrown into the “system” of getting the lowest-of-the-low level of prenatal care with the health department.  After having a second baby in the hospital, she was left feeling like there had to be a better way, looking for an alternative birthing option.  By her third pregnancy, they had moved to Alaska and were introduced to midwifery care. “I had an amazing experience!!  It was so different from anything I had experienced with my other pregnancies, and I’ve been an advocate for midwifery care ever since”, says Kinsey.

Her life goal is to start birthing centers and orphanages in the poorest countries of the world.  It is her hearts desire to bring respect, care, and love to women and children in places where they have so long been neglected and felt unwanted.  “Until that day comes, I feel blessed to be in Alaska and work in a community of midwives that are well educated and devoted to bringing quality care to women”, she says.

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